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Senin, 25 April 2016

Proccesing Palm Bunch Ash

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Process Processing of Palm Bunch Ash

Palm Oil in Indonesia has the most palm oil plantations that are divided in several islands, especially the island of Sumatra and the island of Borneo, wastes empty fruit bunches of palm fruit is the raw material for making Palm bunch ash. The palm fruit will be processed again at the Palm Oil Factory, the Palm Oil Factory processes the palm fruit by squeezing the palm fruit into Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO) and making it a semi-finished product for further processing into various products such as edible oil, soap, etc .. processing waste from the palm fruit into a few more products, one of the Empty Fruit Bunch, Empty Fruit Bunch or empty palm oil is the main product of raw material of Palm Bunch Ash, , the management of this waste has been overwhelmed due to overstock at the palm oil mill site,

As a result of the stacking of empty fruit bunches, then made INCINERATOR to burn empty fruit bunches as a waste management solution of the plant. Factories that use Incinerator in the management of palm oil waste, especially bunches of empty fruit bunches have certainly pocketed the permit to burn waste from the local Environment Agency.

Empty Fruit Bunches are burned in high temperatures to accelerate the fuel so that waste does not accumulate in the location of palm oil mill,

From the combustion results, we get quality palm ash which is very good for horticulture plants because it contains high potassium reaches 30%, this organic fertilizer has high potassium content compared to other products containing the same compound.

The process of sieving is also a concern in the process of quality palm bunch ash with the filtering of 40 mash and done in dry tenpat should not be moist, because the moisture content greatly affects the quality of the ash palm plot, and separation of dirt like empty bunches of palm oil that has not been perfectly burned will be filtered here.

Packing process using inner plastics (Inner bag) is also very important because after gray palm ash should be hastened in packing in sack ...thank you


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Sanjaya Multi Artha CV is a leading company of Agricultural industry based on Indonesia North Sumatera. We are mainly concerned in supplying of raw materials organic fertilizer such as palm bunch ash, bat guano dan palm oil mill waste origin Indonesia.

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