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Minggu, 31 Agustus 2014

About Potash Fertilizer

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( Palm Bunch Ash )

Palm oil mill waste as a source of potassium fertilizer on plant research has been conducted bunch ash utilization of palm oil mill waste as a source of potassium for rice . Bunch ash containing at 18.48 % K2O , 3.51 % Mg , 2.40 % Ca , and 1.95 % P2O5 . Based on the nutrient content of K , giving 325 kg / ha bunch ash is equivalent to giving 100 kg / ha KCl . Field experiments conducted in Ciparay , at 672 m altitude above sea level , from October 1998 to March 1999 .

     Research using randomized block design with seven treatments and three replications . The treatment consisted of a dose bunch ash 81.25 ; 162.50 ; 243.75 ; 325 , and 406.25 kg / ha KCl at a dose of 100 kg / ha , and control . The results showed that administration of a dose bunch ash on 406.25 kg / ha gave the highest yield of the production , the production of components ( number of panicles / clump , number of grains / panicle , and weight of 1000 grains ( grain pithy ) , the content of K in plants and dry weight plant . During the experiments conducted bunch ash administration at a dose 325 kg / ha can replace inorganic fertilizer KCl 100 kg / ha KCl .
       The results of this study provide benefits to rice production and protecting the environment . Management effectiveness bunch ash as a source of potassium fertilizer need to be supported by government policies .

Benefits bunch ash

Bunch ash is the result of slowly ashing of janjangan empty inside the incinerator . Bunch ash production is approximately 0.5 % of TBS . Bunch ash has kandunganhara Potassium ( K ) is high and can be used as a substitute for fertilizer MOP . One kilo gram bunch ash is equivalent to 0.6 kg of MOP .
Bunch ash application aims to replace MOP fertilizer and as a liming material to raise the soil pH . The results showed that fertilization with a bunch ash on peat soil fertilization is more effective than the MOP .

Guidelines for Preparation of dosage Fertilization
Combination of Organic Fertilizers And Chemicals
The properties of bunch ash , namely :

  Highly alkaline ( pH = 12 ) .
   Very hygroscopic ( readily absorbs moisture from the air ) .
   Irritating hands of employees ( causing itching and aggravate the wound ) .
   Nutrients contained in it is very easily soluble in water .
because the properties of the bunch ash , then a fast bunch ash should be applied ( may not be stored long ) , storage should be good ( in a plastic bag , not directly in burlap sacks ) and was always treated with caution .

Applications are prioritized for areas bunch ash peat / acid soil . On peat soils , in addition to the TM bunch ash is also given to the TBM in the 2nd and 3rd . In the mineral soil , bunch ash is only given to TM .
For peat soils and acid soils acid - sulphate , bunch ash is given each year . For acid soil areas not acid - sulphate ( pH 4-5 ) , bunch ash is given only once in 6 months .

Oil palm empty fruit bunches as solid waste can be burned and the resulting ash bunches . The ash turned out to contain 30-40 % K2O , P2O5 7 % , 9% and 3 % CaO MgO . It also contains micro-nutrients that 1,200 ppm Fe , 1000 ppm Mn , 400 ppm Zn and 100 ppm Cu .
Overview As that plant processing 1,200 tons of palm oil with TBS / day will produce bunch ash of 10.8 % , or approximately 129.6 tons of ash / day , equivalent to 5.8 tons of KCL , 2.2 tonnes and 0.7 tonnes of TSP kiserite . with the addition of certain polymers can be prepared in bunches ash fertilizer granules K2O levels of 30-38 % with a pH of 8-9

          KCL fertilizer scarcity which is often faced by growers can be overcome by replacing it using gray cluster . The cost of production was lower than the price of fertilizer KCL

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