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Palm Bunch Ash

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  • The Best Organic Fertilizer High Potassium Content

    Magnificent impact in crop production (high yield),It is 100% organic and Eco friendly product.

  • With potassium (K2O) min. 30%, very qualified for you

    Bunch Ash price is 30% cheaper than other fertilizer for Potassium .(compared with international MOP price ).

  • We came to provide solutions for your Organic Crops

    Highly demanded as the main component in the production of other organic or compound fertilizers, as well as in soil conditioner products.

  • Are you interested?for reservations contact us

    Recommended for all kind of plants (oil palm, rubber, cocoa, coconut, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and others) .

  • With potassium 35%? very qualified for you

    It is 100% organic and Eco friendly product, The best solution for neutralizing acidic or peaty soil.

Welcome To Sanjaya Multi Artha

Sanjaya Multi Artha Cv is a leading company of Agricultural industry based in Indonesia. We are mainly concerned supplier and manufacturing of Palm Bunch Ash powder. palm Bunch Ash, Bat Guano Fertiilizer, Compost from palm oil mill waste ( Solid ), Palm Kernel Meal for industrial & retail as a solution products with many benefit as product applications for customers local & international. We are established base on quality, reliability, providing service, benefit and trust also our product have certificate & registered by Indonesia Export Authority. We hope it will be a great opportunity to be your partnership with a long-term for a better future.

Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

Decanter Solid ( Compost )

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