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Sabtu, 09 Desember 2017

Decanter Solid ( Compost )

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What are the benefits of solid waste of oil palm? In palm oil mill, palm waste is produced by clarification station. Once processed in such a way, this solid decanter can be utilized into oil palm plantations mainly as organic fertilizer because it contains high nitrogen (N) elements. every 1 ton of solid wet waste, or equivalent to 0.35 ton dry solid waste, can be made into 17 kg urea, 3 kg TSP, 8 kg MOP, and 5 kg of kiserit.
The use of organic fertilizer resulting from solid waste treatment will save the budget cost of the palm oil industry in the procurement sector of plant fertilizer. Unfortunately the solid decanter can not be stored for too long. The average solid waste has a lifespan of less than 6 weeks. If more than that time, then the waste will be damaged by weathering process. So to get the maximum results, it is suggested as soon as possible apply this waste to the field at least within the first week.

Did you know, solid decanter (DS) is solid / solid waste resulting from processing of Palm Bunches (FFB) in Palm Oil Mill (PKS) using decanter system. The main benefit of this solid waste oil palm is as a substitute for fertilizer. Before use, this DS must be processed first. The way through the DS drying process using a dryer machine to obtain dry DS that has a moisture content of less than 15 percent.
The average volume of this wet DS production reaches 5.7% of total FFB. While for dry production level of DS approximately 2% of processed TBS. Please note, DS wet and dry DS is equally can be used as a substitute for fertilizer in oil palm plants that have been produced.
The ready-made solid decanter (DS) can then be transported to the field in accordance with the application blocks using a tractor or trailer. To be more effective and efficient, the DS is packed first into a sack of 35 kg / sack. Arriving in the field, this DS can be stacked along the second row of the road. Then DS can be manually shipped to every tree inside the block using the aid of a stroller.

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Sanjaya Multi Artha CV is a leading company of Agricultural industry based on Indonesia North Sumatera. We are mainly concerned in supplying of raw materials organic fertilizer such as palm bunch ash, bat guano dan palm oil mill waste origin Indonesia.

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